New Product!

Easily control mecanum wheeled robots.

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Simple to use, expandable, advanced robotics controller for your Raspberry Pi.

10/10 in the MagPi Magazine Issue 91, Page 76

Free download here.

Easily control 2 DC motors, lots of servos, Neopixels and more!

RedBoard+ Test drive – more RC car than robot!



  • 7 – 24 Volt battery input with reverse polarity protection.
  • 5.2 Volt, 3 Amp – on board high efficiency power supply (powers the RPi and additional electronics).
  • 3.3 Volt 800mA Regulator.
  • 2 X 6 Amp H-Bridges. For controlling 2 (or sets of 2) DC motors, with fully proportional speed control.
  • 4 Channel 5 Volt level shifter for driving Neopixels, DotStars or other 5v electronics.
  • 4 Channel analogue to digital converter (one channel is reserved for battery monitoring).
  • RGB LED.
  • Directly drives up to 12 hobby servos (with separate power input for large ‘robot’ servos).
  • Reset/Shutdown/User programmable switch (launch user programs, or safely shutdown your RPi).
  • Power switch.
  • 4 X I2C breakout headers. Serial – RX & TX headers. Plenty of Ground and Power pins.


There is a pre-configured SD Image available for download.
This has a number of built in scripts which add functionality to the board.
E.g. Flashing the IP address on the RGB LED. Youtube Link
Showing the battery level on the RGB LED.
Safely shutting down the RPi when the battery is low.

There is a Python library to accompany the RedBoard+.
This adds simple commands to control all the features of the board.
E.g. to control a motor in Python – simply import the redboard library:

import redboard

Then to drive motor 1 at half speed forward:


Or full speed backwards:


That’s it!

Lots more info here: RedBoard+ GitHub page

There are also plenty of code examples for controlling robots with a PC keyboard or Gamepads as well as a quick start guide to controlling a robot.